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Sunrise over Chicago's North Shore

Thank you to all my readers.  Without you, I'd still write, but it's nice to have someone else to share the stories with.  I keep working on my craft, and I hope each book is better than the last. 

I try to make sure every line is edited properly.  Nobody's perfect, ah, except Doc!

And please, all of you lesbian fiction fans out there, whether it's my book, or anyone else's, if you enjoyed it, please thank the author by leaving them a review.  That is the very best hug!

"...if you harm even a hair on her head, I will splatter your brains all over this house..."

      - Sam Yale

      "Wishing between the Lines"

  "Sometimes I get so tired of having to work so hard to be twice as good just to be considered equal."

       - Dr. Ann Young

       "Wishing Between the Lines"

  "We all come to know who we really are in our own time."

           - Beth Lee

           "Wishing Between the Lines"

Book 3 of the

Wishing Series "Wishing in Wyoming"

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