This is where I do most of my writing, although I will admit I often write in my recliner or on my patio.  The lizards are never any help!

Lucy is my partner in crime.  Snoring is her strong suit.

Writing has always been my dream, just ahead of flying.  I finally woke up and did it.

Pamela Mauldin

    Copyright 2015 Pamela Mauldin.  All rights reserved

    People often ask me if Sam and Doc are real.  In my head, they're real people.  I'm really attached to them.  That's why I suffer when I have to cause them pain or heartache.  It's always a huge relief when I can make them all better again.  Not sure if they'll always be able to get better, but I will sure keep my fingers crossed.

    Now, Alice... that woman is a real pain.